CML is a mutual and social protection body with the mission to offer healthcare services and group healthcare coverage to its adherents through a variety of programs and benefits based on the international principles of mutuality. Since it was established in 1996, CML has been continuously improving and expanding its range of services to meet the needs of its members.
CML provides social and economic support in all areas, and as a member of Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM) and the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), the CML is governed by binding regulations and modern techniques adopted worldwide. CML is accredited and works with top reinsurance companies such as the German reinsurance company Hannover Re. rated AA (S&P) rated A+ (A.M. Best) insurer financial strength rating.
And also ACE American Insurance Company rated AA (S&P) and A++ (A.M. Best).


Lebanon Assistance Inc. is an assistance company based in Canada. Its mission is to provide round the clock assistance of the highest quality to the Lebanese Diaspora all over Lebanon to release them from unexpected and unpleasant situations during their trip to their mother land.

MASAVI assurance

MASAVI Insurance (Schengen House and International Travel Insurance), a company created in 2012, in the Ivory Coast, is specialized in insurance brokerage and international health assistance.
Dealer and distributor of specialized insurance solutions for SIASSISTANCE, MASAVI differs from traditional insurance brokers by offering clients a wider range of products and services for health coverage of any person traveling or staying outside the range of his country of origin.


Labtest is a medical laboratory that provides all kinds of blood and urine tests. All throughout the most developed and advanced equipment that meets the highest standards of quality, Labtest professional team provides a meticulous and accurate interpretation of any test in order to provide you with the most trusted medical results.

Dental Care

Dental Care gives you access to a superior and friendly service with a network of the country’s best dentists and two polyclinics for added convenience. We have nine specialized and highly qualified doctors (orthodondist, periodontist, pedondontist, prosthodontist endodontist…) with two polyclinics located in Achrafieh and Zouk.

With our programs “Sans Caries” and “Dent Dure” we can help you keep a healthy smile. From dental cleanings to root canals it can be difficult to predict how much money you are going to spend for your dental care. With our individual and family dental healthcare programs, we provide you with the coverage you need to promote good dental health.

Swan International Assistance-MC

“Swan International Assistance-Mutual Care” a Third Party Administrator offers a benchmark of healthcare coverage benefits and medical benefits to serve corporations and individuals. The Mutual Care is strongly attached to the values of solidarity and respect of others.
Our prime target consists of providing humanitarian and internationalmedical assistance to the large number of beneficiaries that we serve.
Swan International Assistance was founded in 1999 at the initiative of a large mutual group willing to provide the benefits of quality assistance by exploiting its resources.
On daily basis, the people in difficulties benefit of our personnel expertise, assisting professionals, as well as of our health providers network.


SIAssitance is an international travel insurance and assistance company that offers travelers around the world a variety of reliable insurance and assistance services to make their trip as pleasant as it can be. At SIAssistance, we offer you the best online travel insurance programs and assistance services. Clients can benefit from the wide and diverse insurance products that cover them anywhere worldwide. SIAssitance can also provide clients with a wide range of medical and travel-related assistance services to make their trip as enjoyable as possible.


MJC (MutuelleJeunesse Culture) is an educational and cultural center offering a diversified range of related services:
• After school assistance.
• After college assistance.
• Parental/ familial guidance.
• Self-improvement workshops.
• Academic, social and cultural seminars/activities.
• Seminar/meeting room rental for associations and companies.

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