Who we are:
Our group is structured in a way to offer local and international solutions to our subscribers and partners, mainly in healthcare. Our commitment capitalizes on the values we earned over more than sixteen years of experience, practice and solidarity amongst our workforce. With a group of more than 23,000 adherents that we consider our most valuable asset, CML and Mutual Care make use of all the efforts to serve them best with full transparency and professionalism. We look forward to partnering with you, and we assure you that you shall never regret it.



Our Promise:
With a clear vision and a solid sixteen years’ experience in the healthcare and assistance sectors, Swan Group promises continuous services development, additional customization of its offerings to match the evolving needs of the beneficiaries it serves, and more commitment to the mutuality cause.



Our Difference:
What sets us apart from other healthcare providers is the mutuality drive that we rely on in all our projects:
Swan Group has expanded its presence in different but related sectors, in order to propose a complete service for its public, from healthcare coverage, to laboratory services, to dental care services, to travel assistance and insurance, legal assistance and educational assistance.
It is this synergy that differentiates us from other providers, and with a reach over three continents, we are certain to remain available and closer to our partners and public, wherever they may be.